About us

SL Metals Corporation (SLMC) is a leader in the global market of metals trading, including aluminum, copper, and brass alloys. Our company has entered into long-term relations with leading global manufacturers which ensure the ongoing production of high quality goods.

SLMC facilitates the delivery of aluminum alloys from CIS countries to the USA, EU, Japan, Far East and other destinations.

By representing a number of CIS secondary aluminum manufacturers, some of them on an exclusive basis, SLMC currently controls a significant volume of Russia's secondary aluminum export market, which makes SLMC one of the leaders in supplying specialized aluminum alloys and aluminum RSI ingots worldwide.

In order to provide the best products and service to our vendors, SLMC has implemented long-term strategic partnerships with the biggest worldwide consumers of secondary aluminum alloys.

SLMC also deals with silicon metal, refining fluxes, aluminum alloys adjusting tablets, and refractory products.  

Our logistic team has created partnerships with the most experienced freight forwarders in Russian ports, which enables us to forward goods in the most effective way. SLMC is able to deliver goods on time, even during the most turbulent and busy periods for container companies.

Since 2006, SLMC group companies have acted as one of the leaders in the metals trading industry thanks to its history of reliability, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.