Fluxes application

It is often necessary for secondary aluminum manufacturers to reduce the amount of Mg present in their alloys. Because low Mg scrap is not always available, smelters need to have efficient and safe Mg removal flux in cases where magnesium levels cannot be controlled through blending. Another choice for Mg reduction is the application of chlorine gas, however chlorine gas technology is not always the best choice due to cost and environmental regulations. In addition to the removal of magnesium, de-maging of fluxes simultaneously removes certain amount of calcium.

SLMMC’s specially formulated flux is an excellent example of a magnesium reduction flux. This proprietary blend of aluminum fluoride and other inorganic salts is safe to handle and easy to store. Our flux decomposes when heated to 700–730°C to release materials which react preferentially with the magnesium and eliminate it from the melt.