1. De-maging Fluoride Compoun

We supply the secondary aluminum industry with an excellent cost-effective substitute for fluoride compounds used as a flux. The compound is a substitute for aluminum fluoride (AlF3), synthetic/reclaimed cryolite (Na3AlH6), natural cryolite and Fluorspar (CaF2). The compound can be viewed as a mixture of 1.25 parts of cryolite and 1 part of aluminum fluoride, and it provides the benefits of both in aluminum cell bath chemistry. Our compound provides faster and higher aluminum recoveries, while effectively de-maging aluminum scrap. The recovery is at least 15% higher than traditional de-maging materials. The elemental impurities in the compound, such as calcium and phosphorus are represented in much lower concentrations than in natural or reclaimed cryolite, and the quality is highly consistent. For example, the typical level of calcium is approximately 0.006 wt%. Phosphorus, as P205, is below our detection limit, which is 0.002 wt%. The compound is supplied in granular form with particle size, and particle size is uniformity adjusted to minimize dust and segregation in salt-flux mixtures. The melting point is 675-720°C and the material is stable and non-hygroscopic.

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We supply the compound in 1 mt bags and in 50 lb bags.

2. Aluminum Fluoride.

3. Synthetic cryolite.